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BBQ offer

Quality BBQ seasoning takes your grilled meats to the next level. Doesn’t matter whether you specialize in steaks or seek the best solution for your barbecue sausages: SMAKOVITA has it all. Our BBQ seasoning range is wide enough to meet the current trends in the industry. But above all, we are Polish and proudly promote our country’s best traditional barbecue recipes. The most popular products in this range are tasty thin sausages like Wawel Sausage, Silesian Sausage and Spicy Sausage. SMAKOVITA BBQ seasoning variety celebrates local tastes and our culinary history. Get carried away by our wonderful sausage blends with hot horseradish or delicate mustard notes.

For those interested in rich aromatic blends dedicated for steaks, ribs and other barbecue favorites we have a number of tasty options. SMAKOVITA BBQ seasoning range includes marinades, glazes and loose spice blends that help create a juicy texture and a rich taste. In our offer you’ll find products for pork, poultry, lamb and beef. Taste knows no borders: SMAKOVITA enables you to explore all the diverse culinary inspirations. Whether you’re after a classic BBQ sauce or a touch of coriander and turmeric – we’re here with our quality products and expertise.