Polish sausage: our way to the best Polish sausage.

What is your favorite sausage?
Polish Sausage!

Polish Sausage or simply: sausage? Well, to many of us around the globe there is no other sausage than Polish Sausage. The Poles love sausages, have a long tradition of manufacturing them and turned their passion into an internationally recognized product. Foreign consumers learned to appreciate our specialty. They tend to favour it over Italian salsiccia and German bratwurst. Polish Sausage has become the symbol of quality.

One can observe a constant flow of ideas and trends in the culinary world. However, one thing remains the same: taste matters the most. You can go crazy over fusion cuisine or prefer old-style recipes but if the dish in front of you doesn’t taste great – you just won’t have it again.

In our work on functional additives and seasoning blends we picture the tastes of our childhood. Delicious regional cold cuts that our families served on special occasions. We all come from different parts of the country so our memories differ. This diversity helped us create wonderful blends that reflect the colorful nature of Polish cuisine. We travelled around Poland to share with you the secrets of traditional cold cuts manufacturing.

SMAKOVITA is a team of dedicated people that know all about the greatness of Polish Sausage. Our products will make you discover our regional treasures. We’ll help you produce the best sausage in the world!

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