Smakovita products

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Where quality and taste matter Smakovita products lead the way. In our manufacturing plants we develop functional additives and seasoning blends for a variety of products. We know how to enhance taste characteristics of your product, how to maximize the profit of your output and, essentially: how to get your product out there.

Smakovita products consist of a range of aromatic blends, brines, cutting agents, hydrolysates, emulsifiers and natural seasonings for fish, BBQ and vegetarian food products. We also offer semi-finished products for the catering industry and a range of food additives for other types of food processing. The constantly expanding Smakovita product list makes sure that you’ll quickly find what you’re searching for. Contact us in case of any questions.

BBQ offer

Quality BBQ seasoning takes your grilled meats to the next level. Doesn’t matter whether you specialize in steaks or seek the best solution for your barbecue sausages: SMAKOVITA has it all. Our BBQ seasoning range is wide enough to meet the current trends in the industry. But above all, we are Polish and proudly promote […]